adviser [ad-vahy-zer] n.

  1. one who gives advice

  2. (education) a teacher responsible for advising students on academic matter

  3. a fortuneteller

Advisers in FCCLA are more than any three of those definitions - they are a different breed of individual. FCCLA advisers tend to be a collection of substantial adjectives which might include but not limited to: caring, crazy, outgoing, genuine, visionary, supportive and oh so many more. It is this unique collection of attributes that allows them to build the relationships they have with their members.

FCCLA advisers often do not receive the recognition they deserve for all the things they do or they are sometimes so humble they accept the recognition but feel another might deserve it more.  Advisers are the awesome, facilitative adults of the organization whom are in the "trenches" daily working with young leaders.