Topics the state advisor has the ability to assist you with:

  • retrieving your usernames (Chapter ID);

  • reseting passwords; and 

  • providing assistance managing your members.

If you are a new adviser or an adviser who has changed schools, please contact the state advisor directly before doing anything in the affiliation system. (The reason for this is to eliminate duplicate chapters within the system and to transfer your information as an adviser correctly from one chapter to another so it isn't lost.)

If you are an adviser returning to your chapterkeep doing what you've been doing!

Member Information Form

Parental Consent Form

Step-by-Step Instructions

Affiliation Status Explanation

Changing Chapter Advisers



National Dues: $9.00 per member

*there is a 12 member minimum = $108.00

State Dues: $5.00 per member (no minimum)


Advisers are required to affiliate at the national level at $9.00. When an adviser submits the affiliation of their members for the first time each year, the adviser dues are automatically added to the invoice.

This membership due the adviser pays automatically makes them a member of Alumni & Associates.

Remitting Payment

Please remit entire invoice to:

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

1910 Association Dr.

Reston, VA 20191

Affiliation Deadlines


Nationals has two deadlines. The first being November 1st each year so that chapters can get the mailings and resources available to members. Although, advisers can affiliate members through May 31st each year.


Iowa sets an affiliation deadline of November 30th each year. If a chapter affiliates after this deadline, they may incur late fees.