Alumni & Associates

Alumni & Associates are part of a network of adults who believe in Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. This network of adults genuinely believe in and support the mission and purposes of FCCLA and are strongly encouraged to be involved in helping us achieve the ideals which this organiation was founded upon in 1945.

Not sure whether you're an alumni or an associate? Well, alumni are individuals whom many have been a former member of FCCLA (previously known as Future Homemakers of America, HERO, or New Homemakers of America) or are a a current or former Family and Consumer Sciences professional. 

Associates on the other hand are individuals whom may not have been directly involved in FCCLA but witnessed the benefits it provided those who were involved.  They may be parents, teachers, employers, school administrators, business owners, community leaders, coaches, et cetera.

Demonstrate your loyalty and support of Iowa FCCLA by enrolling - there is no membership fee at our state level. (If you wish to join at the national level, the membership fee is $15.00 annually).


As a member of our Iowa network you can volunteer your time to share your knowledge and experience you gained over the years with current members or by simply making an annual financial contribution so we may continue to provide quality services for our members.

For more information on how to become involved as an alumni or associate, please contact Kelsie Engelken, Alumni Representative.

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