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Program of Work

A Program of Work (POW) - simply stated - is a roadmap for what your chapter is hoping to plan, develop and carry out for the year. A POW can be developed several different ways - it really depends on what the members in your chapter. However, the most important thing to remember in developing your Program of Work is to dovetail as many activities as you can so it isn't as much work. For example, if your chapter wishes to hold a Run/Walk to raise awareness for a particular cause it can be a service project and it could also count as a Chapter Service Project STAR Event, if someone wanted to present it.


The 2018-2019 Calendar of Events can be found at this web site under the "About Us" tab. 


Newsletter - Mary's Memos

In an effort to make sure our chapter advisers are informed of upcomin opportunities, a weekly newsletter will be sent electronically to affiliated advisors describing specific things happening in Iowa FCCLA. 

Press Releases

We like to encourage each adviser or a member of their chapter to write an article for their local newspaper when they return home after attending any FCCLA-related activity whether it be a chapter activity, district activity or state-sponsored activity. This simple piece of writing has the potential to reach hundreds or even thousands of people and will increase their knowledge of what FCCLA is and what we do.

Below you will find a press release for recent state-sponsored activities:


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