Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness is a national FCCLA peer education program that involves young people teaching other youth how to earn, spend, save and protect money wisely.

The program goals are to:

  • inform and inspire teens to sharpen their skills in money management, consumerism and financial planning;

  • create a national network of young people who use teen-to-teen communications to share information; and 

  • provide teenagers with an opportunity to develop communicaton and leadership skills by being peer educators.

The Financial Fitness program address four topic areas:

EARNING (sharpen on-the-job financial fitness);

SPENDING (conquer bank accounts, credit and investments);

SAVING (track and plan personal spending);

PROTECTING (keep financial and personal interests safe).


2019 FLR Financial Fitness Training Presentation

Required Projects for Financial Fitness

Roll Out

The Amazing Shrinking Paycheck

Cost of a Habit

Does Your Money Have Wings? (spending log)

Part-Timer Puzzler

The True Costs of Credit

Lesson - Buying, Selling, Profits

Lesson - Living On a Fixed Income

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