Iowa Competitive Events

**Two categories – Junior (5-9th) & Senior (10-12th)

**Minimal, if any, presentations needed!!

**$5.00 per entry.  Members can do as many as they like!!

**The events will change each year, just like Fall (Cluster) meetings!

**Top three winners awarded special ribbons!

**Fun for all members!!


We are looking for sponsors for our events!  Have someone in mind?  Let us know!  If you have any questions about the events, please contact Sherry Vogel at


Interior Design – Group of 2 or Individual

Color a room and create a presentation board of floor, window, wall, etc. 


$15 Challenge – Individual

Find an outfit for only $15.00!  Use resources like Goodwill, Garage Sales, etc. 


Menu Planning/Table Setting – Group of 2 or Individual

Create a casual or formal table setting theme and decorate a table!


Fashion Sketch – Individual

Using a croquis, sketch a fashion for the situation given!


Cake Decorating – Group of 2 or Individual

Celebrate FCCLA’s 75th birthday with a decorated cake!


“Iowa Corn” – Group of 2 or Individual

Celebrate the great state of Iowa with a recipe made with corn!


FCCLA “Hype” Video

Make a video to promote the FCCLA organization!!!Use for Public Relations Peer Education!


Sew and Serve – Group of 2 or Individual

Use your clothing and textiles talents and then take the next step to help out someone else!

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