One of the benefits of being a member is the opportunity for members to partake in meetings held at the local, district, state and national levels.

At these meetings members have the opportunity to network with other members, attend workshops related to specific content, practice their leadership skills, compete in competitive events, visit with exhibitors, recognize members for their contributions and lastly, have FUN.

Local Level

Meetings at at local level occur as often as the adviser and chapter officers deem necessary - they may be weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, et cetera. These meetings are typically a time for chapter members to plan and organize fundraising efforts, outreach opportunities, practice their competitive events and hold social activities.

State Level

Meetings at the state level occur three times annually and include Fall Leadership Rally, Day At the Capitol and State Leadership Conference.

District Level

Meetings at the district level typically occur twice annually. The first meeting is the Fall District Meeting usually held after the Fall Leadership Rally which allows members to congregate and be provided some of the training material that was shared at Fall Leadership Rally in addition to their own topics of interest. 

The second meeting is the District STAR Events Meeting usually held in mid- to late January or early February. All members who plan on competing in STAR Events must take part in this meeting as they are required to be evaluated to see whether or not they advance to the State Leadership Conference.

National Level

Meetings at the national level occur three times annually and include Capitol Leadership, National Fall Conference and National Leadership Conference.



Another meeting held at the national level is the National Policy Seminar. This meeting is not associated with FCCLA but it does allow members the opportunity to meet with legislators and representatives to discuss issues relevant to the area of career and technical education.

Iowa FCCLA is on a rotational basis with the other CTSOs within the State and sends one representative during our respective rotation.