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2019-2020 State Executive Council

Updated: May 10, 2019

Enya Martinez - President

Hello Iowa FCCLA! I’m Enya Martinez, and I am your 2019-2020 State President. Last spring, I attended the State Leadership Conference. This conference is where I realized that I wanted to impact other people's lives. Later that fall I was elected as my district’s president and gained the confidence to run for a state office. Ever since then, I have been working on strengthening my leadership skills. I look forward to gaining more knowledge about FCCLA this year, encouraging involvement in inactive chapters, and building relationships with members. My favorite FCS class that I have taken would definitely be Adult Roles. This is my favorite because I learned skills that are going to help me in the future including how to manage my budget, how to be safe on social media, and I even learned how insurance works. I am also involved in cross country, basketball, track, student council, football cheer, pep club, speech, National Honor Society, 110 %'s and church youth group. After high school I plan on going into the Air Force, and then attending Iowa State University. I’m still undecided on what I want to major in, but I am interested in FCS, criminal justice, and dentistry.

Bree Severn - First Vice President

Hi Iowa FCCLA! My name is Bree Severn, and I am your 2019-2020 First Vice President. I am so excited to take on this role full of opportunities and growth. I have pushed myself beyond my boundaries to run for state office, but I cannot wait for what this year has in store for me. I look forward to growing in my leadership and public speaking skills with my wonderful team, traveling and meeting all of you! My favorite FCS class that I have taken is Life and Relationships. This class has taught me what I need to know about my future relationships, and the skills and tools I will use in my future. I also am involved in volleyball, soccer, church youth group, student council and Reach SADD. After High School I plan to major in Business or Dermatology.

Madelyn Pulliam - Vice President of Community Outreach

Hello, my name is Madelyn Pulliam and I am the State Vice President of Community Outreach for 2019-2020. My role in community service projects this past year has inspired me to be a community leader and serve others to the best of my ability. I look forward to representing this great organization, meeting incredible members, and serving as a role model. My favorite FCS class was Food and Nutrition because we cook every day and made a variety of foods. I am involved in bowling, Chapter Secretary of FFA, President of County Council, member of the East River 4-H Club, basketball, Two County Dusters Drill Team, and an avid barrel racer. After High School, I plan to major in something Ag related and attend a four-year college.

Viatris Scott - Vice President of Competitive Events

Hello Iowa FCCLA! My name is Viatris Scott, and I am you 2019-2020 Vice President of Competitive Events. The first time I went to a state FCCLA meeting and saw those people wear those red blazers, I knew that I wanted to run for a state officer position. I am looking forward to gaining better leadership skills, communication skills, and stepping out of my comfort zone. My favorite FCS class that I have taken would have to be Bakery. I loved doing the baking challenges and baking in general. I love this class so much that I tried to take it again. I am involved in cross country, basketball, National Honor Society, Student Council, church choir, Sunday school, musical, mix choir, play, and president of my 4-H club. After high school, I plan to attend Iowa Central for the first two years and then go to a four-year college to get more experience and to major in Information Technology.

Landri Burgart - Vice President of Finance

Hello Iowa FCCLA! My name is Landri Burgart your 2019-2020 Vice President of Finance. At the first State Conference I attended in 2017-2018 I started tearing up at the closing ceremony when the State Officers gave their farewell speeches. I truly saw how this organization impacts people and the important friendships that can be made. It was then that I realized I should run for State Office. I am so excited to expand my leadership skills with more knowledge than I could ever begin to wrap my head around and be there to help all of you fellow leaders as well. I partook in my favorite FCS class Parent-Child Development first semester this year while I was a sophomore. We spent that class learning about kids and our future as adults as well. During that class, our group of students got so much closer than we ever thought we could. I also love spending my time playing piano and guitar, participating in speech team at school, being a Sunday School teacher, and working at Dairy Queen. After High school, I plan to attend the University of Northern Iowa to major in either music or education.

Kenna Nickell - Vice President of Membership

Hello, my name is Kenna Nickell and I'm you 2019-2020 State Vice President of Membership Development. Last year at the Fall Leadership Rally I met the state officers and saw the impact they made on Iowa. In my head I started thinking I wonder what I could if I was a part of that team? I'm excited to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people and experience new things with this amazing group! My favorite FCS class that I have taken is Fashion Merchandise, it's so interesting the things you don't know about your own clothes. I'm also involved with student council, FCA, Royal Family Kids Camp, 4-H, my church worship team, basketball cheer, football cheers, and competition cheer, History Club, Unified Club, a volunteer for Special Olympics, and golf. After I graduate, I plan on going into Special Education and go overseas and make shelters for those with special needs or disabilities.

Breanna Lorenzen - Vice President of Programs

Hello, there! My name is Breanna Lorenzen and I am your 2019-2020 Vice President of Programs. In my past two years of FCCLA I was elected District President. Getting that position made me want to learn to be the type of leader I’ve always looked up to and help others do the same. I’ve always loved FCCLA to its core, and what a better way to really express that? What I’m most excited for this year as a State Officer is to meet so many of our members and see how this amazing organization has inspired you all. My favorite FCS class that I have taken is Parenting. In this class I learned how to be a very active member in my family, learned how to care for children, became more familiar with children’s development, and some cool tricks that I would’ve never thought of. Activities that I am involved in outside of FCCLA include large group and individual speech, play, improv, dance, cheerleading, and National Honors Society. After High School I plan to go to college for Business law as my major and Spanish and Theater for my minors at an undecided university.

Jasmyne Alaniz - Vice President of Public Relations

Hello Iowa FCCLA! My name is Jasmyne Alaniz and I'm your 2019-2020 State Vice President of Public Relations. I decided to run for a state officer position when my chapter adviser, Mrs. Roll, encouraged me to push myself out of my comfort zone. She has watched me grow through the past 3 years I have been in FCCLA. I talked to my mom about possibly running and she agreed that it would be a great chance and opportunity for me to pursue. I had a great support team that pushed me to continue, people such as my grandma and my dad. I couldn't do it without them. Something I look forward to doing in the next year is to push others to do something out of their comfort zone. I look forward to improving my social skills and encouraging many other people to push themselves as well. My favorite FCS class would be Foods because it has taught me basic life skills and I'm constantly improving skills I will need for my future. I'm involved in a few more activities, they happen to be choir, cheerleading, tennis, and I also volunteer in my free time. To continue my schooling after high school, I would like to attend Mayo Clinic College of Medicine & Science to reach my goals of becoming an anesthesiologist.


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