Public Relations

Public Relations is a peer education program in which members will be trained on how to maximize  the flow of information between FCCLA and the public. Public Relations team members will help "brand" FCCLA across Iowa by using topics of public interest and news items that continue to support the mission and purposes which FCCLA was founded. Common activities include speaking at conferences, working with the media and helping publicize the Iowa FCCLA website through the use of YouTube and Facebook to energize members statewide.

The program goals are to:

  • promote a positive, up-to-date image of the Iowa Association of FCCLA;

  • establish that FCCLA is a valuable part of the school and community which builds strong leaders in families, careers and communities;

  • reinforce to the public that members have the opportunity to practice the soft skills they need for workplace readiness; and

  • provide an opportunity to develop and nurture the communication and leadership skills.

The Public Relations program address four topic areas:

INTERNET/BLOG (develop and/or maintain a website or blog about your chapter);

SOCIAL NETWORKING (create and maintain a social networking account to promote your chapter);

POSTINGS AT SCHOOL (create and post signage around your school to promote your chapter);

NEWSPAPERS (write and submit an article about your chapter to your local newspaper).


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