Supporting Our Young Leaders

Iowa FCCLA relies on support from a diverse collection of individuals, post-secondary institutions, businesses and corporations to fulfill our mission which is:

To promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leaders, members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.

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Our Needs

Red Jacket Fund

Beginning in July of 2018, all members who attend a national meeting are required to wear the official uniform of FCCLA which includes a red blazer. Assist members in being able to participate in national meetings which include competition and leadership workshops.


Cost: $65.00 each

Keynote/Motivational Speaker for

State-Wide Meetings

Help bring a high-energy speaker to a state conference. These speakers not only have a powerful message and present it in a way to connect with today's youth BUT their message often stems from a disadvantaged personal experience.

Cost: $3,500.00 per speaker (average)

FCS/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl Registration

Provide the registration fee for a team of five members to compete against other chapters across the country and bring recognition back to Iowa. Team members are quizzed on questions in the following five areas: Personal Finance; Consumer Rights and Responsiblities; Technology; Health and Safety; and Environment.

Cost: $40.00 per team

Registration for Leadership Academy Tracks

Assist a member with a way to gain additional leadership skills that will be transferrable to whichever path they decide to walk in life.

Cost: $25.00 per track

National Policy Seminar

Allow a member to travel to Arlington, Virginia, annually to network with Senators and Representatives and share their story about the benefits career and technical education and FCCLA have played in their lives.

Cost: $1,200.00 (approximately)

National Leadership Conference Registration

Assist a member one step of the way by providing their registration fee to the annual National Leadership Conference held every July. Members are still responsible for paying their transportation and lodging!

Cost: $190.00 (weekly registration)

National STAR Event Competitor Registration

Provide the registration fee for a member whom has earned the privilege of competing at the National Leadership Conference with their project which no doubt has impacted Iowa in some way.

Cost: $40.00 per competitor (approximately 80 per year)


Every member has a goal they wish to achieve but it is likely they will need to achieve some level of post-secondary education in order to achieve their goal and provide a comfortable level of living for themself and their family.

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